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InspectIt® ReportPlus™ for Palm

Palm OS 5 Upgrade

On this page you will find the latest version of the ReportPlus for Palm software that is compatible to the Palm OS 5 operating system. The upgrade is only available to Membership and Pay-Per-Use users who have already installed the ReportPlus software from the distribution CD ROM.


Download Click here to download the upgrade file to your hard drive
Once the file has been downloaded to your computer, double-click on it to de-compress the files on your hard drive (this will happen very quickly) then follow the installation instructions below.


Once the files have been installed on your hard drive, you will need to install the files onto your handheld device. The installation program will have created a new folder on your hard drive - C:\InspectIt\Hand_Held_Files.

To install, start your Install Tool within the Palm Desktop program (usually found at the lower left corner of the Palm Desktop window) that came with your handheld device. Click on the Add Files button, use the drop-down list at the top of the screen to go to the C:\InspectIt\Hand_Held_Files folder, and select the following files to install:


After selecting the files, click on the Open button and then on the Done button on the next screen. You will then need to perform a HotSync to install the program onto your handheld. When the InspectIt program is on your Palm (it will have a magnifying glass icon), you will need to HotSync again to synchronize your ReportPlus program on your PC with the handheld.

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