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InspectIt® "Normal" Template Installation

If you have lost the InspectIt button and Inspection menu from your Word toolbar, it has happened because the Normal.dot template file has been deleted. Choose the program that you are running and then download and follow the instructions below to restore the button and menu within Word.


Download InspectIt ReportPlus Normal Template

Download InspectIt ReportPro for Texas Normal Template


1. If Microsoft Word is open, exit the program. Word must be closed to install a replacement Normal.dot template.

2. Click on one of the files above to start the setup for the program you are using. You will then be asked if you would you like to Open/Run the file or Save it. Choose the Open or the Run From Current Location option. If you are asked if you want to install the program, choose Yes.

File Download Dialogue box

3. A new screen will be displayed when the files are ready to be intalled into your program. Proceed by clicking on the OK button.

Install Dialogue box

4. Now restart Microsoft Word. The graphic below shows the changes to your Microsoft Word menu and toolbars that you will see now that the program has been installed. You will need to re-enter your company information. To do this, click on either the InspectIt button or the Inspection menu and choose Company Information.
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